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Update on 2011 Plan Changes Under Consideration

April 5, 2011

Specified Plan Changes for 2011 are under consideration from January 1 - June 30. The Processes and Milestones can be seen here and will be updated throughout the process. On May 4th, seven Specified Plan Changes tabled by SC Members at the April 28 meeting were posted. Amendments to four of those proposals were posted on May 10th and May 16th; no further amendments are possible until the next meeting(s) of the SC (June 28). On May 26, two proposals were voted on: results can be seen on the Plan Design page. Stakeholder comments received at by noon on June 27 will be included with current documents prepared for board consideration and review.

Technical Plan Changes Under Consideration - The SC approved a number of amendments to and restatement of both the Primary and Supplemental Pension Plans at its meeting of March 24, which included a number of technical ("housekeeping") changes. Please click here for further details.