January 27, 2011

Statement of Plan Design Objectives and Strategy

Final wording for the Statement was approved and incorporated in By-Law #20.


The SC considered recommendations from an external governance advisory service and reviewed the governance model currently in place; among the decisions made by the Board, the Co-Chairs were reappointed for the duration of their respective terms.

Board Member Education

A more comprehensive Board Member orientation program was confirmed and certain pension and investment courses recommended for ongoing education.

Technical Plan Changes

The definition of “Continuous Full-Time” employees was clarifiedconfirmed, with amendments to the Plan text approved in principle, pending posting on the SC website as per the Communications Policy.

Specified Plan Changes

The PDIC (Plan Design Information Committee) reported on three stakeholder requests for Plan changes, noting that one had been referred for technical research, one had not been pursued by the Committee, and one had been deemed impractical based on current legislation.