June 27-28, 2011


In addition to decisions regarding committee documentation and timing of meetings, the SC agreed that no increases in compensation to either board would be made at this time. It was also agreed that the next review of board compensation will not be undertaken until 2013.

Specified Plan Change (SPC) Proposals

Amendments were made to some of the five outstanding proposals before final, intensive discussion and debate.

Two proposals regarding the RCA were withdrawn once SPC#01-11(b) (RCA – Floating Earnings Threshold) received a two-thirds majority approval.

The proposal to provide NRA 60 negotiation rights to Paramedics did not receive a two-thirds majority approval, nor did it receive a simple majority approval to proceed to Mediation/Arbitration.

The Contribution Rate Allocation proposal (SPC#07-11(a)) was further amended and debated before receiving a two-thirds majority approval.

The Mediation/Arbitration decision for the Supplemental Plan contribution rate proposal (SPC#06-11(a)) is pending.

Filing the Annual Valuation

The SC unanimously authorized the filing of the 2010 Annual Valuation of both the Primary and Supplemental Pension Plans with the regulators.