November 24, 2011


A Transition Plan for addressing management and staffing concerns was approved by the SC.  On a permanent basis, Deb Preston was confirmed as Chief Executive Officer.  The transition plan includes a process for filling the Director of Pension Policy position in the coming months. 

The SC also approved the Business Plan for 2012 and a preliminary budget. 

Annual service provider reviews had been conducted, and legal counsel and the external auditor were reconfirmed for the following year.

Committee composition for 2012 was confirmed, and as per a new governance protocol, the Co-Chairs determined the committee chairs.The SC also confirmed a governance document, “SC Governance, Mandates and Responsibilities” outlining the governance responsibilities of individual SC Members, committees, committee chairs, Co-Chairs, and the CEO. (Read the Document…..)

Composition by-laws for the boards of the SC and the OAC are scheduled for review in 2012.  A process to invite stakeholder submissions was agreed, and this will be announced through the SC website.

The SC confirmed the appointment of the OAPSB nominee to the OAC Board, Monty Baker, beginning January 1, 2012.