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Specified Plan Change Proposals - 1st Tabling

March 22, 2013

On February 22, the SC received the annual valuation of the funded status of the Primary Plan at December 31, 2012.  This initiated the 2013 annual cycle of consideration of SPC (Specified Plan Change) proposals.

SC Members table proposed SPCs only in March and April, which may be amended or withdrawn before final deliberation and decisions are made in May and June.

At the SC meeting of March 20, one SPC was tabled for consideration of the provision of NRA 60 for Police Civilians. This proposal was originally submitted by a stakeholder.

Detailed descriptions of any SPC proposals and subsequent amendments to them will be maintained throughout this cycle.  Each SPC includes a summary of the proposed change(s) as well as the affected members or groups and the effective dates.  In addition to reading the full details of the current proposals and process, decisions and processes of prior years may be of interest.

Stakeholder comments and suggestions regarding proposed plan changes are always welcome and will be included in Board Meeting information packages.  E-mails and letters received less than 36 hours before a scheduled meeting (April 17, April 23, May 28, June 25) will be included with the subsequent information package.