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Specified Plan Change Proposals - 2nd Tabling

April 18, 2013


At the meeting of April 17th, SC Members tabled additional SPCs for consideration. 

Each SPC provides a summary of the proposed changes as well as the affected members/groups and the effective dates.  One SPC proposes changes in inflation indexing, one is for the provision of NRA 60 benefits for Paramedics, one proposes a change in the benefit accrual rate and one proposes changes to unreduced early retirement commencement.
With the one proposal previously tabled in March, there are now a total of five SPCs under consideration.

SC Members may amend or seek withdrawal of their proposals from the SC Board until May 14th.  All amendments will be posted on this website as soon as possible.  After May 14th, any further amendments or decisions can only be made at SC meetings scheduled for May and June.

In addition to reading the full details of the current proposals under consideration, decisions and processes of prior years may be of interest.