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2013 Specified Plan Change Proposals - Final Decisions

June 26, 2013



At its June 25th, 2013 Board meeting, following a thorough review and analysis of available information, the SC voted on, but did not approve any of the five Specified Plan Change proposals. 

View further details about the five Specified Plan Change proposals considered by the SC in 2013.

Contribution Rates and Benefits 

There are no changes to contribution rates or benefits out of the 2013 Specified Plan Change process.  In a decision made earlier in 2013, the SC agreed to file the 2012 Primary Plan Valuation and the 2012 Supplemental Plan Valuation.

Filing the valuations provides a level of certainty on the regulatory minimum contribution rates for calendar years, 2014, 2015 and 2016.  The current contribution rates meet those minimum requirements. 

The SC heard and appreciates the input received from a variety of stakeholders and is looking at ways to enhance its communications.