January 16, 2013

OMERS Investment Management (OIM)


The Board had previously authorized contract templates for the initial products to be offered by OIM.  OIM provided a reporting of its activities to date and the Board approved contracts with a third party.  The approved contracts will serve as a template for future transactions.




The Board received a report from the Corporate Governance Committee, in consultation with the Human Resources and Compensation Committee, with a recommended high-level work plan for the final steps of the governance review, including a tentative timeline for the implementation of changes. 


The work plan considers the presentation from Mr. Tony Dean (learn more about Mr. Dean and his role in OMERS governance) to the OAC and SC Boards in December with his suggestions for enhancing the governance of OMERS.  The Board recognized that Mr. Dean’s final report was not yet available and the work plan may need to be revised once the report is available.