October 23,  2013


The SC considered a presentation by the OAC Pension Group about membership growth, with discussion about objectives, guidelines and parameters.  The SC committed to providing its position on the risk tolerance and limitations of the parameters.


Plan Design - Process 

As it had been tasked at the August strategic planning session, a proposal was made by the Plan Design Information Committee (PDIC) outlining the mandate, deliverables and timelines for providing options for sustainable plan design.  The timeline is expected to fit into the upcoming specified plan change (SPC) cycle which is also being reviewed with the expectation that recommendations will be brought forward for improvements.   The SC approved the proposal.




The Audit Committee recommended, and the SC approved, the appointment of the external auditor to conduct the audit of the 2013 financial statements. 

The Corporate Governance Committee reported that interviews of the OAC Board nominees were completed and recommendations for appointment could be expected in November or December.