November 17, 2013



2014 Board Nomination and Appointment Process


The Corporate Governance Committee (CGC) provided an update on the status of the 2014 OAC Board nomination and appointment process.  Regarding one of the seven seats, a Sponsor Organization requested an extension to the deadline for providing its nominee(s), which was approved by the SC.  The CGC recommended that the other six nominees be appointed to the OAC Board.


Interviews with all nominees had been conducted by the CGC with the participation of the OAC Board Chair and Vice Chair.  After considering the overall slate and the skills required at the OAC Board, the SC appointed the following directors to the OAC: Bill Aziz, Darcie Beggs, John Crocker, Lloyd Komori, Jim Phillips and Sheila Vandenberk. Mr. Crocker’s appointment was effective immediately, and the others were effective January 1, 2014, for either a three-year or four-year term.


The SC acknowledged the following reappointments to the SC Board:  Paul Bailey, Wayne McNally and Bruce Miller.  New appointments to the SC Board are: Tim Maguire and Fred Biro.  The appointments are effective January 1, 2014, each for a three-year term.

Chairing of the SC Board 

Various alternatives were discussed in relation to amending the co-chairing structure of the SC, including term limitations and weighted voting.   Following discussion and deliberation, the SC elected to retain the current co-chairing structure of the SC Board. In accordance with a revised appointment process implemented in 2013 (and recorded in SC By-Law #4), in which nominations were accepted over a period of months, Marianne Love and Brian O’Keefe were reappointed by their respective caucuses as Co-Chairs of the SC.