April 22, 2014


Specified Plan Change Proposals

A number of Specified Plan Change proposals were tabled by SC Members, including one originally submitted by a stakeholder.  As per the new SPC communications protocol, clear and descriptive information about final proposals will be posted on the SC website shortly after May 14.  Stakeholders will have the opportunity of expressing their views before any final decisions are made.


Communications and Engagement Strategy

As reported in January, the SC has continued to develop a communications and engagement strategy and has approved a number of objectives for the immediate future and for the longer term.  Of particular emphasis is the outreach to ‘unaffiliated’ plan members (i.e. organizations/associations that do not have a seat at the Board).  In addition to meetings with the Co-Chairs and SC Management, enhancements to other communications vehicles (e-newsletters, website updates, etc.) continue.


Grant Funds Status

The SC originally received start-up money from the government in 2006 and 2008, with an agreement that the unused portion of the money should be returned (with interest, if any) at the end of March, 2014.  Based on a 2007 joint protocol between the SC and the OAC and a decision by Justice Archibald which governs what expenses the SC can ‘properly be reimbursed by the Plan’ for, operating expenses have been continuously replenished. Items which would be considered non-reimbursable include any dispute resolution costs related to SPCs or which are considered to be directly sponsor related.  The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing directed the SC to return $1,000,000 before the end of April 2014.  Alternate funding options continue to be developed and explored, including the possibility of imposing a nominal levy on all active plan members and employers.