January 21, 2014


Communications and Engagement

The SC Board received a report from the Co-Chairs about a December meeting they attended with senior representatives of several stakeholder organizations whose membership do not have direct affiliation with Sponsor Organizations.  Based on the information and input received from that meeting, the SC agreed that the SC Co-Chairs and staff should meet with unaffiliated stakeholder organizations from time to time during the year to engage in meaningful discussion on matters of importance to OMERS and of relevance to participants, to enhance communications and engagement with these organizations.

The SC has begun a process to develop and implement a formal communications and engagement strategy and will continue to do so in the coming months.


Specified Plan Change (SPC) Proposals

The PDIC reported on its review of the SPC process and made some recommendations.  The SC decided to maintain the current SPC process but delay the point at which proposals are published to the SC website until shortly after May 14, when proposals cannot be modified without the approval of the SC.  This new process will allow directors to develop their proposals and ensure that relative communication materials are readily available to assist members, employers and other stakeholders in understanding each proposal and its impact.

The SC agreed to post information on member affiliation in an effort to inform stakeholders who may wish to make submissions on Board composition and the related by-laws.