December 10,  2014



As part of its mandate, the Corporate Governance Committee (CGC) regularly reviews governance processes and corporate documentation to ensure that best practices are in place and that policies and by-laws reflect current requirements.

The SC approved CGC recommendations for: enhanced reporting by committees, amendments to a number of corporate by-laws and policies, and a new by-law to acknowledge the RCA Plan Text and rescind redundant plan change by-laws which are now incorporated into current plan texts.  (The amended by-laws and communications policy may be viewed on the ‘About Us’ page of this website.)


OMERS Strategic Planning

As part of its commitment to carrying out one of the Dean Report recommendations, both the SC and OAC Boards have been working together to create a joint strategic plan.  During the span of the last 22 months, each Board has reviewed and provided feedback on the individual components of the plan, including:

  • Risk Appetite;
  • Goal and Principles;
  • Funding Strategy; and
  • Communications

The 2014 OMERS Strategic Plan links these components together into one document marking the progress made to date.  The 2014 OMERS Strategic Plan is not an “end point” but the beginning of a “journey” that will form the foundation for the development of a more robust strategy for the organization in 2015 and beyond. More information will be provided in the coming months.

Posted December 23, 2014