Board of Directors

While many of the 14 SC Members appointed by the Province in 2006 continue to serve the SC (including the Co-Chairs), there have been some retirements and successor appointments. Appointments to the SC are made on a rotating basis, which provides both continuity and opportunity for newer Members to gain experience and knowledge. Members attend anywhere from 12 to 16 meetings of the SC Board annually, as well as information, education and planning meetings, some held jointly with the OAC Board. They may also chair or sit on some of the 20 to 30 committee meetings typically scheduled each year.

Learn more about individual SC Board Members (effective January 1, 2017)

Employer Representatives            

 Plan Member Representatives  

 Marianne Love (Co-Chair)
 Association of Municipalities of Ontario             

 Frank Ramagnano (Co-Chair)
 Ontario Professional Fire Fighters' Association
 Frederick Biro
 Ontario Association of Police Services Boards
 Dan Axford
 Police Association of Ontario
 Barry Brown
 Association of Municipalities of Ontario

 Paul Bailey
 Retiree - Police Pensioners Association of Ontario

 Charlie Macaluso
 Electricity Distributors Association
 Diana Clarke
 Ontario Public Service Employees Union
 Mary McConville
 Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies
 Tim Maguire
 CUPE Local 79

 Pete Derochie
 Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association

 John Weatherup 

 CUPE Ontario

 Joe Pennachetti
 City of Toronto 

 Sandra Sahli
 Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation  



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