Leadership & Committee Composition

When the OMERS Act, 2006 was proclaimed, the OMERS Sponsors Corporation (SC) replaced the Ontario government as the Plan sponsor. The original 14 Members of the SC were appointed under an Order in Council, with seven representatives from among the employers of Plan members and seven from plan member organizations. Subsequent by-laws regarding composition and leadership of the SC and its committees are regularly reviewed and amended when appropriate, both to ensure equitable representation of Plan participants and to address evolving requirements.

The bicameral nature of the governance model is reflected in a number of areas. In order to carry out its roles and responsibilities, the SC relies to some extent on administrative and technical support provided by OMERS. However, as an independent corporation representing the best interests of all the sponsor organizations, core support is provided to the SC by an Executive team and, when required, independent, third party advice and counsel.


Board of Directors

The 14 Board Members are appointed by their sponsor organizations, generally for a period of three years. Immediate leadership is provided by two Co-Chairs, one appointed by the SC employer representatives, one by plan member representatives.

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Committee Composition

There are four standing committees to assist the Board in discharging its responsibilities. In addition, the SC and OAC have established a Joint Council to address matters of importance to both Boards.

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Executive Team

The SC is supported by a small team of professionals dedicated to serving the Board and to ensuring that stakeholders are kept informed.

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