December 16, 2010

Statement of Plan Design Objectives and Strategy

The Statement received unanimous approval in principle, and will be communicated to sponsors and plan members via the website; final amendments and approval in the form of a by-law are expected in January.

Service Provider Review

All external providers had been reviewed and assessed by staff and Board Members, considering service, fees and overall satisfaction; all were renewed for 2011.

Operating Plan and Budget

The 2011 Operating Plan and Budget were approved. Nominal increases in some categories were approved, but the budget is extremely close to the prior year; the operating plan includes focus on preparations for the 2012 OMERS Act Review and for formalizing succession planning

Board Governance

Committee composition for 2011 was approved and meeting dates confirmed for most of the coming year.

By-law review is undertaken every year by the CGC, and amendments were approved to: By-Law #2 PDF [58.0 KB] (“General, regarding signing authorities); By-Law #6 PDF [56.3 KB]. (“Compensation”, regarding conference attendance), and to the mandates of the various committees of the SC, By Law #9 PDF [58.8 KB].

Technical Plan Changes

Clarifying “housekeeping” amendments to the Plan language were approved in principle and will be confirmed in a restated plan text expected in 2011.