September 24, 2010

Specified Plan Changes

The formal implementation of any specified plan change requires a by-law; the details and guidelines for the multi-dimensional change agreed to at its June meeting were codified in By Law #’s 19 and 19-01. Included in the approved specified plan change is a requirement to develop a Statement of Plan Design Objectives and Strategy (the Statement). Development of this Statement will continue over the next few months.

Board Governance

An external governance advisory service had been retained to review processes and efficiencies at the board and committee level. This is an ongoing review and the CGC (Corporate Governance Committee) will continue to consider the results as it undertakes by-law and committee mandate review in the coming months.

The Board approved implementation of an internet portal for secure and timely dissemination of documents and resource material for board and committee meetings, which also assist the SC in its ‘green’ efforts, with a significant reduction in paper use.