September 5, 2008

This regular meeting of the SC took place at the conclusion of a two-day offsite planning session.

Standing committees of the SC had presented specific issues for deliberation and discussion over the preceding days, and brought forward formal recommendations for full SC approval and/or adoption.

The SC approved the following recommendations:

Plan Design Change Process - a new, streamlined process and timeline was approved in principle, and a formal by-law and protocol will be developed and communicated to stakeholders once confirmed, including an online application form for submission of plan design proposals by stakeholders.

AC Compensation - approval for using a compensation consultant was given to assist in developing appropriate levels for the board.

Audit - the SC will renew its use of its present independent, external auditor in preparation of its annual financial statements and audit process; implementation of an automated cheque processing and fraud protection system was approved as well as a more efficient invoice approval protocol.