By-Law Review

Board Composition and Process for Appointments

December 12, 2011

OMERS pension plans are governed by two bodies:   the Sponsors Corporation (SC) and the Administration Corporation (OAC).  The SC is responsible for plan design, including benefits, contributions and reserves.  The AC is responsible for plan administration, actuarial valuations and investments.

The composition and process for appointments to the boards are set out in our by-laws:

By-Law #4 – SC Composition, and
By-Law #13 – OAC Composition

The SC will be reviewing the provisions of both by-laws during 2012.  The original processes and composition were established by provincial legislation in 2006 and were later confirmed by SC by-laws in 2007 and 2009.  In addition to the details contained in the by-laws, current representation is outlined in the Governance section of both the SC and the OAC websites.

On February 13, 2012 the OAC updated the 2010 Affiliation Data on its website to provide enhanced information. 

If you wish to make submissions to the SC for consideration in its review, please provide your written comments by Wednesday, February 29, 2012.  Any submissions made will be considered and reviewed by the Board.

Submissions may be emailed or mailed to:

   Deb Preston, CEO
   OMERS Sponsors Corporation
   One University Avenue, Suite 800
   Toronto, Ontario   M5J 2P1