OMERS Governance – Two Boards with a Joint Strategy

The interests of OMERS members, employers, unions, sponsors and other stakeholders are represented by two corporations with separate and distinct mandates:

OMERS Sponsors Corporation (SC) provides strategic and risk oversight, and decision-making with regard to designing pension benefits, setting contribution levels, and determining the composition of the two OMERS Boards.

OMERS Administration Corporation (OAC) provides strategic, risk and operational management in serving Plan members and employers, collecting contributions and paying pensions, and investing the Plan funds.

This bicameral (two-part) structure provides for the effective operation of OMERS as a whole. Specifically, it helps to ensure broad input into decision-making by considering the interests of a large number of stakeholders, and focused expertise in key areas, including Plan design, member and employer service, and investments.

The two corporations and their Boards work together, closely and collaboratively, to meet a singular goal: the delivery of secure and affordable defined benefit pensions that address the needs of both members and employers.

Governance topic

OMERS Administration Corporation (AC)
Learn about the role and structure of the Administration Corporation, meet the AC Board of Directors and review past meeting summaries.
OMERS Sponsors Corporation (SC)
Learn about the role and responsibilities of the Sponsors Corporation, meet the SC Board of Directors and review past meeting summaries
Governance references
The Administration Corporation and the Sponsors Corporation are guided by common governance documents including a Memorandum of Understanding outlining roles and responsibilities, the OMERS Act, 2006 and the Governance Review undertaken in 2012. Find these documents
Member Affiliation Summary
OMERS members reflect the diversity of our province, participating in a wide variety of union and association groups or affiliations. See the Member Affiliation Summary
Employer Listing and Category Summary
OMERS participating employers are also diverse and can be divided into several categories. See the Employer Listing and Category Summary