e-access Tools and Resources

e-access is an online administration tool for OMERS employers. Use it to look up member information, send and receive e-Correspondence online through a secure web channel and check the status of an event or process an e-Form.

How to register for e-access

OMERS e-access is for employer use only. To register for e-access or if you need to register additional users, complete the e-access registration form available on e-access or contact OMERS Employer Services to request a registration form. For security reasons, we cannot provide the registration form on the website or register users by telephone or email.

e-access tip sheets

  • Data extracts – Learn how to download data directly from e-access and cross-reference it against your payroll records
  • e-Correspondence – Use this secure web channel to ask a question about any e-Form or to provide follow-up information requested by OMERS
  • File importing and batch processing – This e-access feature lets you import member information directly into e-access and submit requests in batches for faster processing
  • Returned e-Form – Learn how OMERS will contact you with an e-Correspondence if an e-Form you’ve submitted is incomplete or incorrect