OMERS and Telephone Surveys

May 08, 2012
OMERS periodically uses telephone surveys to ask our active members , retirees, and employers for feedback. We do this so that we can continually improve the quality of our services  and also provide an opportunity for you to share your concerns or compliments.

Four times a year, we employ an outside research firm to conduct our Client Satisfaction Survey with randomly selected plan members who have had a transaction processed in the previous three to four weeks (for example, members who have requested pension estimates), as well as members and employers who have called us with questions. We also survey employers twice a year to understand their overall impressions of our service. The research firm we work with is a trusted supplier who has the appropriate communication and data management systems to allow them to conduct confidential surveys cost-effectively. If OMERS did the calling ourselves, we would have to invest in systems that would only be used periodically, and also take staff away from answering member inquiries.

We also hold a corporate reputation survey in which we ask a wider variety of questions so we can understand how OMERS is viewed by the general public. Some of the calls for this survey may also be to members.

“These surveys with our members and employers provide valuable feedback,” said Jennifer Brown, OMERS Chief Pension Officer. “This feedback helps determine how we can improve our service.”

Privacy and personal information

Following professional standards, the research firm will not ask for any personal information, such as date of birth, social insurance number or financial details.

All information about members and participating employers that OMERS collects in the normal course of administering the Plan is protected and handled in accordance with OMERS Privacy Policy.

If a member or employer is contacted and has any concerns over the course of the survey, they should contact OMERS Client Services.

2011 survey results show high levels of client satisfaction

Results of client surveys conducted in 2011 were very positive. At year end, OMERS client satisfaction survey showed that 88% of the people we served rated us as 4 or 5 out of a score of 5 with respect to overall satisfaction – marking the eighth straight year that our rate exceeded 85%.