Our leaders bring their depth and breadth of experience, drawing on their teams and each other to achieve success for our members.

OMERS Administration Corporation

Michael Latimer

Blake Hutcheson
President and Chief Executive Officer

Blake Hutcheson is President and CEO of OMERS. He is responsible for the overall leadership and performance of the OMERS enterprise.

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Monique Allen

Monique Allen 
Executive Vice President of Data and Technology

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Monique Allen

Dr. James Aw
Chief Medical Officer

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Bob Aziz
Chief Operating Officer
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Michelle Banik

Michael Block
Senior Vice President, Strategy & Asset Liability Management

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Reena Carter

Reena Carter
Executive Vice President, Investment Finance & Valuations

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Ann Clavelle

Ann Clavelle
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

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Rodney Hill
Rodney Hill CPA, CA, ACA(UK)
Chief Risk Officer

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Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly
Chief Legal & Corporate Affairs Officer

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Chris Morley

Chris Morley
Vice President, Government Relations

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Chris Morley

Nancy Nazer
Chief Human Resources Officer

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Shelagh Paul

Shelagh Paul
Vice President, Global Communications

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Satish Rai
Satish Rai CFA
Chief Investment Officer

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Michael Rolland
Michael Rolland FCPA, FCA
Chief Executive Officer, OMERS Sponsors Corporation

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Jonathan Simmons
Jonathan Simmons FCPA, FCA
Chief Financial Officer

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Anne Soh

Anne Soh
Vice President, Actuarial Services & Plan Actuary

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Jenny Tsouvalis

Jenny Tsouvalis
Senior Vice President & Enterprise Head, Investment Reporting, Operations & Applications

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Annesley Wallace

Annesley Wallace
Chief Pension Officer

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